Excellence Driven Through Passion


At Fly MillionAir we use our expertise and connections to enable swift transactions and acquisitions ensuring the best outcome for both seller and buyer. We understand that each client has their own unique requirements which is why we work closely with you on a one to one basis. 



Fly MillionAir believe that your aircraft is an essential component to your personal and business life. A private jet is a significant and highly valuable asset which requires careful management to optimise its value and condition whilst being maintained to the highest standards.

As an owner you need to feel confident that your aircraft is being managed by a team with expertise, experience and passion for what they do. At Fly MillionAir we pride ourselves on our experience in the business Jet and aircraft management market. Our team includes aviation professionals from all areas of the business who will manage your aircraft through every aspect of ownership including


Chartering with Fly MillionAir puts you in control; you decide from where you travel, at what time you travel, to where you travel and with whom. Private jet charter is an exclusive service providing you access to a larger number of airports and private lounges with a check in time of only twenty minutes.


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