On Demand Charter

Private jet charter provides you the freedom to hire a private jet to accommodate your own schedule around your priorities. Private jet hire saves you considerable time when traveling and offers you the highest levels of privacy, safety, luxury and flexibility, with as little as four hours booking notice anywhere worldwide.

Chartering with Fly MillionAir puts you in control; you decide from where you travel, at what time you travel, to where you travel and with whom. Private jet charter is an exclusive service providing you access to a larger number of airports and private lounges with a check in time of only twenty minutes.


On Demand Charter

Fly MillionAir provide an on demand charter service often referred to as ad-hoc charter. On demand private jet charter offers the best value solution on a trip by trip basis for your travel. Chartering a private jet on an ad hoc basis offers the freedom, choice and flexibility of private jet travel without long term financial commitments, monthly management fees or acquisition costs. On demand private jet charter means each flight is bespoke for your every request and ensures you receive the most cost effective aircraft for your requirements.

- Utmost flexibility with no long term fixed contracts
- Worldwide operations, no restrictions within set service areas
- One contact number, wherever you are, available 24/7
- All inclusive fixed charter price, no hidden costs, no monthly fees

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